Sunday, February 26, 2006

Do sheep love to be slaughtered?

Al Qaeda, with the very likely connivance of Tehran (yes, I know they are supposed to be Shiites, but they have already corrupted their faith by con-fusing religion and politics, and they are the one who would benefit from a civil war in Iraq) is destroying Islam most holy shrines, Serbia is protecting Mladic, Syria is governed by an esoteric sect (anathema to Sunnis), &c.

Have you seen many demonstrations against these real abuses and more? No. What do Muslims do instead?

Police in Pakistan have used batons and tear gas to disperse protesters trying to stage a rally against cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.

If only western powers had the guts or even the intelligence to exploit these contradictions, militant Islam would be destroyed quickly and, most importantly, by the Muslims themselves. As we stand now, Islam is being highjacked by extremists and rapidly disappearing into a satanic cult.

Moral seriousness in this case means political seriousness. Insist on going ahead with the ports deal so that Arab governments who have stood with us in the war on terror are not told to get lost when one of their companies acquires port management contracts in the United States. Make a real effort to destabilize Ahmadinejad in Iran. Do what it takes to defeat Zarqawi and secure Iraq. Stand with Denmark, and moderate Muslims, against the radical mob. This is no time for dishonorable retreat. It is time for resolve--and competence.

I would love to blog during this period; unfortunately work commitments do not leave me much time. Thank you all for having followed my ramblings this far and apologies for the disappointing frequency of posts.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Saddam Hussein to start hunger strike

Does anyone give a f**k?


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Buy Danish!
Let's toast the fascists.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Danish cartoons: a crisis and an opportunity

What a splendid opportunity to identify, arrest and deport all fundamentalists in Europe!

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Culture of hate

Iran said sending the case to the UN would mean "the end of diplomacy".

What diplomacy? Iran has been only buying time, blackmailing, lying and spying. Time to drop the mask, all of us. Can we please start taking these monsters at face value? Can we please stop responding to threats with empty statements full of "concern" and "dismay" Can we please stop turning the other cheek and ask to "clarify"? What's to clarify about "destruction of Israel"? "Annihilation of America"? "World domination"? While the West wastes time in interminable meetings the culture of hate gains precious time.

In an appalling regurgitation of relativism, Bill Clinton at Doha said:

Clinton described as "appalling" the 12 cartoons published in a Danish newspaper in September depicting Prophet Mohammed and causing uproar in the Muslim world.

The Muslim world is up in arms for some cartoons, but we just whimpered when Ahmadinejad swore to "wipe Israel off the map" or Hamas swears to destroy another nation. Let's stop this appeasing nonsense once and for all at whatever cost. I would be willing to use a bicycle and candles just so I wouldn't have to listen to terrorists' blackmailing obscenities.

In the meantime, buy Danish!

PS: Following the Dutch cartoons' Muslim fake rage, Palestinians have demanded that Danes, Norwegians and Swedes (sic) leave immediately; could Europe please reciprocate? Fair is fair. Some terrorist group have also threatened suicide attacks in Denmark.

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Zimbabwe and the IMF, update

A number of NGOs and various blogs are hoping that the IMF relents and does not expel Zimbabwe, despite the abusive, incoherent and corrupt economic policies that the regime erratically pretends to implement. Some even ask for the IMF to cancel Zimbabwe's debt. Do they think that the money loaned or saved would go to benefit ordinary people instead of continuing to fatten up Mugabe and his henchmen? How naive can they be?

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