Monday, August 24, 2009

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  • Swaziland King Mswati III sent several of his 13 wives on a multi-million-dollar shopping spree. This is where aid goes
  • Brave people against medieval death cults:
  • #iran #iranelection Ahmadinejad's next defense minister is wanted by Interpol for 1994 Buenos Aires atrocity.
  • Another excellent reason to upgrade to Windows 7: a lame, paid for, non-expert opinion piece on Wired against it.
  • #tcot Gordon Brown, politically finished anyway, has just set up his pension fund in Tripoli, a la "Schroeder" (that 1 in Moscow, though)
  • Rafsanjani in 'conciliatory' move. He has betrayed you as you knew he would; get rid of all clerics! #iranelection
  • #Marlow Not my real name (do'h), just one of my favorite books...
  • #tcot Dear Obama, despite your birdbrained father's beliefs, communism never has worked and never will. Give it up and behave like a man.
  • “This Massive Expansion of Wasteful Statism Brought to You by Obama Marketing, Inc.”.
  • Malaysia beer woman spared caning. It would be nice one day to welcome back Malaysia into the civilized world.
  • Its a good time to be a polar bear.Unusually cool temperatures in the north produced thicker-than-usual polar ice.
  • Interesting backgrounder on the latest Gordon Brown blunder, freeing terrorist al-Megrahi for money.
  • Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s youngest daughter, Hyun Hee, and her husband, Chatterjee's incredible UN careers.
  • Evidence is mounting that there was far more to the release of Megrahi than simply compassion,” said a British MP.
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