Monday, September 28, 2009

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  • Christiane Amanpour interviewing Mugabe on CNN; he's lying, of course, but she's toothless and unprepared. She'll never be a Fallaci.
  • Mixed Reactions Over CNN Interview With Mugabe. Yes, she was unprepapared. Good to see him squirm & defensive tho
  • US welcomes #Iran inspection offer.Another "ballet" that'll give'em more time.As if Sarkozy deadline wasn't enough
  • EU envoys return to #Honduras to help resolve coup crisis & possibly stir up some violence to help Chavez
  • Afghanistan Troop Request Splits Advisers to Obama. No doubt he'll pick the wrong one...
  • Chavez, Gaddafi seek new world order. Why 2 "bipolar" want a "multipolar" world beats me.
  • Kenyan president protests U.S. warning letters. Priceless! Non-interference, sorry if Bush was pushy, no more?
  • Obama accuses #Iran of pattern of evasion. Do'h! Ahmadinedjad must be LOL!
  • RT @StrvingBloggist: Obama = One Big Awful Mistake America
  • Iran tests short-range missiles. This must be the dialogue they talk about...
  • By keeping silent on #Iran second plant about which he knew for months, Obama has caused irreversible damage.
  • Gates: No Afghan Withdrawal Date; would be a strategic mistake. Ahem, isn't this what Republicans used to say?
  • Brazil to lose its right to an embassy in Honduras in 10 days if it does not decide on handing over Zelaya. Good!
  • RT @TaoWizard: The wise one accomplishes each small task as if they were the greatest task ~ Daodejing
  • @badbanana of course it is! Otherwise the West'd've done something, they have known about it for a year...
  • Mugabe & those like him R our creation; we have feted and honored them for too long for our own reasons (cold war). What can we expect now?
  • If anyone wants an invite to try out Brizzly; looking really good so far.
  • #tcot When they start talking about "the vast right wing conspiracy" you can relax; you know they are losing.
  • Sell out your friends, and you’re a cretin. Sell them out and get nothing in return, and you’re a cretin and a fool.

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