Thursday, June 18, 2009

The BBC these last two days has been broadcasting about some Romanian families in Belfast having to be relocated following intimidation and violence from local residents. As much as I find repulsive such an occurence, I would think that the BBC, instead of limiting itself to denounce the fact as racism, could tell us why this is happening. Perhaps they ignore that Romanians are hated all over Europe as many of them quickly turn or return to criminal activities in their new "homes".

This is not to say that all Romanians are criminals of course, but it would help if they themselves were to sanitize their communities, at least to show some responsibility.

Unfortunately these phenomena are less and less rare and are caused by the uncontrolled immigration policies that the left so actively promotes and the BBC loves. Since everybody understands that these policies, far from having humanitarian motives, are only a means to an end (that is, getting more votes), it is surprising that the left should continue in this charade.

Perhaps the hammering they took in the last European parliamentary elections will teach them a lesson.

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