Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still brainwashed after all this time…

The residual scum we are still seeing on the world scene like the Iranian “Supreme Leader”, Mugabe, Castro, Kim Jong Il and other “comrades”, are leftovers from the cold war and have survived so long only because of the cold war.

Nevertheless, so many people have been brainwashed during that period by the extremely effective and implacable Soviet propaganda machine (remember the anti-war movement during the Vietnam war that transformed so many young people and naive celebrities into unwilling enemy agents) that they still treat these douchebags with white gloves.

Even today, some idiot of a “journalist” will often be apologetic of Saddam’s regime (if only to better hit Bush). No article about Mugabe is complete without some kind of self flagellation for the “Colonies” (arguably the best thing that ever happened to Africa) or a scathing critique of poor Mr. Smith (a very good if impolitic man). No BBC show discussing poverty and famine in DPK will ever mention that 40 years of communism – not draught (or sanctions, goodness forbid!) – have reduced that country to a beggar state. And no article about the ongoing revolution (let’s hope it succeeds) in Iran can be free of a bit of Shah bashing.

Can we please get over it without having to wait for the “Vietnam generation” to die? Can we treat a clenched fist salute the same as a fascist salute (that is, ban both salutes and parties)? Can the West, instead of stupidly apologizing for real or often invented crimes, admit that, were it not for America, it had almost fallen again for another totalitarian myth? Or is this the reason why many “intellectuals” do not want to pay the price of gratitude and would rather maddeningly insist in their discredited theories?


NB: Before some smartass with a Che T-shirt who thinks he knows everything because she/he reads the Huffpo or Reddit questions my credentials, let me say that yes, I was in Iran before the 1979 revolution. Yes, in Zimbabwe I have witnessed many times people in the street paying their respects to Mr. Smith (he usually came to Harare for some shopping and to go to the Post Office) with women curtseying and clapping their hands in the shona custom; he was very much loved by the people (not so Mr. Mugabe, who was never elected democratically and stole even the fist election though violence and intimidation). And yes, I was also in Iraq before and after the liberation….

You can imagine my feelings when I watch today’s phony fake slanted biased news…

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