Monday, April 26, 2010

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  • Mugabe often said he'd transform Zimbabwe in the perfect Maoist state; he surely kept his promise.
  • I'd recommend to US friends & foes to disregard whatever comes out of this administration; it won't last & it's not America
  • If ur shy, introverted, become a muslim; nobody in the pc West will dare to mock u anymore.
  • @travelfish u ignore that skin clearing creams are the 1st selling product in Africa & Caribbean...
  • @brooksbayne the Tunguska batch, I think
  • I just signed the pledge to RememberNovember, do the same by visiting
  • "Researchers “Addicted” to Bogus Internet Studies" Yup. Nowadays, this is what passes for science on BBC, CNN & NYT
  • Ciao Fini!
  • Panic about volcanic ash over Britain which closed British airspace for five days was completely unfounded.
  • Is this how NYT hopes to survive? Writing for vegan pacifist gauche caviar pinkos like it was the 60's?
  • "Chomsky Warns of Rise of Far Right in US" Which is of course a natural reaction to Far Left policies
  • Let me get this straight: Obama is profiling air travellers but Arizona can't profile immigrants?
  • “Four years of talking down to me and asking me to pay for it.”
  • A Southern accent now...these ppl have no dignity
  • “We Are All Israelis” Faster, please!
  • Mark Steyn cleans the floor with Bill "Pardons for Sale" Clinton.
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