Monday, April 12, 2010

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  • Beta Blackberry twitter app seems very nice, solid and fast; I'll keep u posted.
  • Lots of rubbish flying around the net about Bangkok red shirts; follow @bangkokpundit if you want to know
  • Quite happy w/ Twitter for Blackberry; give it a try and let me know.
  • Obama To Host Nuclear Conference The incarnation of Affirmative Action keeps BS#itting his way thru life
  • Enjoy! How many times can you find urself in agreement w/ islamists after all?
  • Obama's false accounting for defense; New START now counts 1 bomber (which can contain up to 20 bombs) as 1 bomb. Result: useless treaty
  • @KurtSchlichter Watch Chuck Norris flicks over & over again!
  • The most important thing to this president is how you feel and what you say, not all those annoying facts. Funny!
  • Would you fly on a Tupolev?
  • "Lo sfregio di Praga" Che schifo...
  • "Da oggi il mondo è più sicuro, hanno detto Obama e Medvedev" Continuiamo a prenderci per il c%lo.
  • Dopo il sequestro Mastrogiacomo ho pochi dubbi che Emergency sia coinvolta Strada e' un estremista
  • L'Unita', toccato il fondo da tempo (e io pago...), continua a scavare imperterrita
  • "In Sudafrica uccidere un bianco non è reato" qualcuno comincia ad accorgersene. Grazie ai mondiali di calcio?
  • "Vietnamese Prime Minister said the elections in Burma should be fair, democratic, with the participation of all parties"
  • Dicono che questa sia l'età dell'egoismo. Sbagliano. E' l'età dell'ipocrisia.
  • "Ahmadinejad wants to relocate 5millions from Tehran over quake fears" This stinks to high heaven.
  • "NO COMMENT" Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
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