Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

Years ago, I asked Robert Scoble (at the time he was still working at Microsoft) why they didn’t develop a legacy-free “parallel” Windows to make a lighter, faster and modern (cutting edge modern, I mean) OS. He replied that the customer base was so huge that there was no way Microsoft could risk such a move.

It seems that the time has come though, and Windows 7 could be the fist step in the right direction; Paul tells us how:

…why bother tying down new Windows versions with legacy deadwood when you can seamlessly and effortlessly run older Windows applications inside of a hidden virtualized environment?… by removing the responsibility of legacy application compatibility from the core OS, Microsoft can strip deadwood technology out of future Windows versions more quickly and create a system that is, by default, even smaller, lighter, and more secure than Windows 7 is today.

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