Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anyone would like to vomit on the latest European hypocrisy?

Sweden called on Venezuela Monday to explain how Swedish-made weapons sold to the South American country ended up in the hands of Colombian FARC guerillas. The revelation of the weapons acquisition by the Marxist group -- long a thorn in Bogota's side -- has strained already tense relations between the South American neighbors which have been at stark odds over various military issues, including US involvement in anti-drug operations in the region. "We have asked the officials of the government of Venezuela to give us information on how they believe this material was found in Colombia," said Jens Eriksson, a political advisor to the Swedish ministry of commerce.

If you are thinking that the Swedes must be complete idiots, you would be wrong; they know very well that arms sold to Chavez end up in the hands of the FARC terrorists. They have cultivated this aura of pacifism for years but only a moron would be fooled by their Nobel Peace Prize antics.

"We have it confirmed that a small amount of (defence) material made in Sweden has been found in a FARC camp," Eriksson said, stressing that no Swedish company had ever been granted a permit to sell to Colombia.

Note how they are careful to say: ”small amount” of defence material! Small amount? Sweden Ranks Second in the World in Per Capita Weapons Exports, and Saab is the biggest one (and not even all Swedes are aware of it).

Nothing wrong with that, most industrialized countries do the same, but at least they don’t go around preaching non-violence!

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