Monday, July 27, 2009

It is always amateur hour at the White House!

Just weeks after a summit meeting intended to show a thawing in relations between the United States and Russia, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. made blistering references to Russia’s failing economy, loss of face and a leadership that is “clinging to something in the past,” in an interview published on Saturday…The Kremlin immediately responded to the comments, made in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, with a demand for a clarification of the administration’s intentions toward Russia…

It used to be common knowledge that Obama picked an idiot as his deputy in order to look good himself by comparison; it would now appear however, that he picked Joe Biden as a life insurance: the guy is so unstable, uninformed, unspeakably stupid that not even a terrorist would put Obama’s life in danger knowing that the alternative would be Biden as President.

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