Monday, January 16, 2006

A barefaced Christiane Amanpour

Poor Oriana Fallaci! She must be puking when she watches CNN! Her good friend - former, I hope - Christiane Amanpour, once a decent reporter, is now openly defending Teheran's regime (for love of her husband or his career? Return to her origins? Who knows?).

This morning she was broadcasting from a Teheran hotel room wearing an improbable and unwarranted green veil on her head, twisting facts and presenting them from the point of view of Ahmadinejad (and it's not the first time). Are we seeing a recurrence of the infamous CNN coverage of Saddam's regime?

UPDATE: Journalists from CNN have been banned from working in Iran because of a mistranslation of the president's comments, the culture ministry says.

CNN had violated "professional ethics", the Irna news agency quoted the ministry as saying.

CNN issued a correction after it translated the president as saying Iran had a right to use nuclear "weapons" rather than nuclear "technology".

CNN does not have a bureau in Tehran but gets permits to cover assignments.

Its chief international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, is currently in the country.

Certainly it wasn't because of her.

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