Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mugabe must be praying for a military coup in Zimbabwe while he is on holiday

I already touched on this possibility, but now conditions seem to be ideal:

President Robert Mugabe is set to spend a month of luxury with his family in the Far East as part of his annual holiday. Mugabe, who is already on leave will tour picturesque tourist destinations in Malaysia and China away from the hustle and bustle of the Zimbabwe situation.

The insensitive bastard.

"One wishes the far east would just swallow him alive and never touch Zimbabwe soil again" added another disgruntled Harare resident.

Exactly. In fact, it would be the best solution for everyone if during his holiday abroad the Army (who seems to be already in charge - see first link) organized a coup:

- Mugabe would save face (in his own eyes, at least) and continue ranting from his Asian haven about western powers meddling in Zimbabwe affairs.

- He could rest at last from his frantic efforts to remain in power and destroy Zimbabwe, write his memoirs (that would be fun to read) and blame the world for his failures.

- Enjoy his ill-gained fortune without having to fear for his life every moment.

- Avoid being buried at Heroes' Acre were a procession of Zimbabweans would go daily to spit on his grave.

What is the alternative?

- Mugabe comes back refreshed from his vacation, but there is no way he can fix the problems he has created, even if he wanted to: surrounded as he is by corrupt and incompetent crooks like himself who only obey him for money and perks, every government initiative is destined to abject failure and ridicule.

- He knows that eventually he will be drawn and quartered by the people he despises so much.

- His biggest dream - to be remembered as the liberator of Africa - has already been shattered and his reputation destroyed by his actions. E.g.: the land reform, on which he counted to woo the rural population has disappointed mainly those it was supposed to benefit.

If he comes back, as I fear, he knows that people now realize that confrontation is the only way to get rid of him and his accomplices. Tsvangirai has promised a mass protest for 2006 : freedom requires sacrifice and the Army must be forced to chose if it wants to continue to lick the crumbs on the floor under Mugabe's table (and to do it it must shoot other innocent Zimbabweans) or if it wants to take its rightful position of defenders and protectors of the country that the military hold in every democratic country.


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