Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Some strange hostages

Security Watchtower has an intriguing post about the four Christian Peacemaker Team hostages taken by the Sword of Righteousness Brigades in Iraq.

December 10th, the final date set for their execution has come and gone. Remarkably, as far as I can tell, there has not a single peep from anyone on this subject. I find the abrupt and total silence on this subject quite astounding. Why are the families of these hostages not clamoring for information? Why no follow-up in the mainstream press. Why no curiosity by the bloggers who readily jumped on this story to further an anti-war agenda?

So where are the hostages? Obviously they no longer have any propaganda value to their captors, or we would have heard more from them. So why have we not heard anything from the captors or at least some inquiries by those who were so concerned about them before the December 10th deadline? Why has the subject totally disappeared from the radar screen? Inquiring minds want to know. Could it be that this whole thing was a “put up” affair, and now those that were taken in have deliberately put their collective heads in the sand? Time will tell.

This case reminds me of previous kidnappings and releases of anti-war "victims". All happened in controversial and obscure circumstances which have not been clarified in the least by the following judicial inquiries.

As Mr Allen says: "Time will tell".

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