Thursday, January 12, 2006

Let's tell Iranian people the truth

Ahmadinejad's arrogance and defiance are a sort of Dutch courage; his favorite drink is the distortion of truth in order to present European and American efforts to thwart his quest for nuclear bombs as a slap in the face of the Iranian people, counting on their national pride. By painting Security Council sanctions, which at this point seem inevitable, as a humiliation for Iran and its right to modern technology, he tries to appeal to people's patriotism and self-regard.

Although it might be crystal clear in the west that these are lies, many people in Iran might fall for Ahmadinejad's false claims; this should be avoided at all costs, not only because it would allow him to continue to defy the international community, but because it would strengthen his position and widen his base.

Every effort should be made to inform the Iranian public that all condemnations, censures, denunciations against Iran are in fact directed solely against its present despicable regime. Let's tell Iranians that, as soon as the mad mullahs disappear from the scene and a representative democracy is established, Iran will take its rightful place among the other great nations.

As Michael Ledeen keeps repeating, Iran's people need support and encouragement and must be made to feel that we are behind them all the way.

Let's take the bottle away from Ahmadinejad and his courage will evaporate.


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Anonymous said...

Keep this up. That's exactly what must happen. If State can't make it happen, maybe the blogosphere can. Sullivan's as excitable as ever and needs to be more balanced on Iran.