Monday, January 16, 2006

Mugabe's touch of death

Never happy with unfinished business, Mugabe wants to give the final touch to his incredibly successful land reform:

The Zimbabwe government plans to takeover the country's three fertiliser companies in what officials say will complement its controversial land reforms.

Yes, it will complement it perfectly.

In another development:

Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has written to President Robert Mugabe, accusing him of politicising the army, police and civil service:

"We are well aware that this politicisation of the army, police and CIO and senior civil servants is a product of your desperate attempt to ruthlessly quash all political opposition, both inside and outside your party," read the letter.

No doubt Mugabe is getting scared as he slowly loses control:

The government has stepped up surveillance of junior soldiers, planting more than a thousand spies in the army and air force over the last three months to monitor increasing discontent in the security forces, ZimOnline has learnt.

Sources said the government was worried by Tsvangirai's threats chiefly because it was only too aware of swelling discontent in the lower ranks of the army and police.

Is Zimbabwe ready for an orange revolution?

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