Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beating them at their own game

Let’s hit back! The politically correct idiots can be beaten at their own game!

LANDLADY Kerry Fenton is using a legal loophole so regulars can smoke inside her pub. 80409_1[1]

Kerry’s tap room has been turned into a “Smoking Research Centre” after pal James Martin studied the law and discovered a get-out clause. It means the nationwide smoking ban could be reduced to ashes if other pubs and clubs cash in on the idea. All Kerry’s punters have to do is fill in a questionnaire asking how many cigarettes they smoke and if they like a smoky atmosphere. Then they can sit back and enjoy a fag with their pint.

I just love the idea of using newspeak to really free people from the nanny state nightmare!

And his ploy seems to have confused Whitehall. The Home Office said: “It’s the Department of Health’s responsibility.”  But the Department of Health  insisted: “It’s up to the Home Office to enforce the law.”

Of course they are confused! “weren’t we the ones supposedly enslaving freeing people?” they are thinking…

I am almost sorry I quit long ago…

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