Friday, May 01, 2009

Give us Boris!

As much as I dislike Gordon Brown, Cameron’s program sounds even more stupid/scary:

So let’s get this right. We have Stalin’s nervous breakdown going on in Number 10, the British economy smashed to pieces, world war three about to erupt courtesy of Pakistan and Iran, the implosion of the taxpayer model of public service, and the institutionalized intimidation and bullying of citizens upholding the values of right and wrong as a result of the dominance of group rights and minority pseudo-‘victim’ culture – and the Tories propose to shimmy around on neo-Marxist and nihilistic rainbow coalition marches as they take us back to a pre-industrial peasant economy, with Iain Duncan Smith tacked on as camouflage for the final disintegration of normative values, common sense and national survival.

A conservative opposition? More like a Weimar cabaret act.

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