Thursday, May 14, 2009

Double standards

There is no doubt in my mind that the beginning of the end of the Western civilization started with the adoption of Article 33 of the Refugee Convention (against refoulement, or the expulsion or return of a refugee to a place where his life or freedom would be threatened) which of course is a double edged sword.

Anyway, let us forget my dire predictions for a moment and pretend everything is honky dory:

Italy has just introduced a policy of returning boatloads of migrants to Libya before they can claim asylum. The move has attracted criticism, with the UN's refugee agency and the Vatican both saying the move was a breach of international law.

So  the UN saying: don’t return them to Libya, they could be treated badly or even tortured! How come then that Libya has been the chairman of the infamous UN Human Rights Council for three years?

The BBC's Duncan Kennedy, in Rome, says many Italians believe their country is being left on its own by the European Union to deal with the problem of immigration.

Again, isn’t it funny? How many criticisms have you heard directed at Sarkozy’s ordering police to shoot on the crowds in the banlieues (more concentration camps than suburbs)? Or Zapatero repatriating 350,000 immigrants last year or his “Guardia civil” killing people trying to climb Ceuta’s fences?

Perhaps Italy, now that it has a serious government, is not part of the “club” anymore?

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