Friday, May 01, 2009

Obama not doing so well

If you think the triumphant headlines about Obama’s first 100 days are suspicious, if you find that MSM praise is fishy, don’t doubt your judgment; you are right. In fact, compared to previous presidents, he is doing poorly:

Gallup reports that 56% of the public believes that Obama is doing an excellent/good job. Gallup reported 62% approved of George W. Bush's job performance after the first 100 days.

Here are the numbers for other presidents:

April approval ratings in first year in office

Bush now 62% 
Clinton, 1993 55
Bush, 1989 58
Reagan, 1981 67
Carter, 1977 63
Nixon, 1969 61
Sampling error: +/-3% pts

The same discrepancy can be found in the celebration of Michelle popularity. 79% approve of her performance compared to 85% that approved of Laura Bush.

The more they lie and cover for him now, the more they will turn against him later.

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