Thursday, May 07, 2009

They keep helping him

THE gorgeous 18-year-old involved with breaking up Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s 30-year marriage calls him "Papi," or "Daddy," because he really is her father, according to a rumor circulating widely in Italy.

I just love it! The retards of Italian opposition plus those of the BBC, The Economist, etc. usually band together to attack “the man the left loves to hate” and, with clockwork precision, give him a huge boost in the polls. Mr. Di Pietro, head of the IDV (Italia dei Valori) party, a notorious fraudster and con man, one day communist the other fascist, has gone so far as to hint that Mr. Berlusconi might be a pedophile.

This time the timely fabricated scandal might give Mr. Berlusconi’s party (il Popolo della Liberta’) a big push in the forthcoming European Parliament elections.

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