Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Democratic underground (take five)

Don't miss this, it's hilarious: Annual ten worst quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2005 (ht: Rantburg).

Number 3:

3) seabeyond: "i refuse kentuck i just refuse. why do you think the (American) people are so dumb because they have been being dumb down consistantly alst decade especially during bush time. i refuse and tell my children i refuse to allow them to be dumb down. they had better use their brain to follow me. i have high expectation,. i will not feed into the dumbing down of america. i tell my friends, exactly i expect more out of them, i especially tell my older nieces and nephews and their friends, i will not play their dumb down game

no no no"

Don't laugh, though; it would be like mocking the Special Olympics (Thanks, BH!).

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Fausta said...

Grammar? We don't need no stinkin' grammar!!