Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Now we know we are winning

Regarding the war in Iraq and more broadly, the war on terror, all indicators point in the direction of victory and this scares the hell of people like Howard Dean, Murtha and the MSM because success will mark them forever as defeatists and traitors. They are not worried about American soldiers, civilian deaths, civil war, they are running scared...of winning. Although we are not there yet and it'll be a long haul, thanks to the Bush administration it will be done. Facts and figures are looking good and a prosperous and democratic Iraq (and eventually Middle East) is becoming more and more a reality.

Here are two excellent analyses: a report by the Brookings Institution on Iraq's progress (insurgency, economic indicators, political trends) and an article of the Heritage Foundation that dismantles, one by one, the myths about Iraq so often quoted by opportunistic defeatists.

Changes such as the current democratization of the Middle East are far apart in the history of our world and only a fool, or an enemy, would hinder a process of such import.

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