Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mansions for the Homeless

A Zimbabwean cabinet minister has condemned as "sub-standard" a model of a home built by the United Nations (UN) for victims of a government clean-up blitz that left hundreds of thousands homeless.

Chombo said that the money spent on asbestos walling could have been used to buy bricks, the paper said.

"Comrade Chombo described the house... as below human dignity, saying the people who designed the structure were guided by a 'this-is-good-for-Africa' attitude," The Herald said.

UN relief aid coordinator Jan Egeland should realize two things: Mugabe wants nice houses made of bricks because a) through his Vice President Joice Mujuru he has bought brick factories prior to Operation Murambatsvina (Drive out filth) and b) the homeless will never see the inside of these houses as they will be rented out or given to army officers as bribes.

I am sure that the UN is not as naive as to ignore what I have just stated, but their continuous pretense of taking everything at face value is tiring, stupid and dangerous.

PS Sokwanele has posted a petition initiated by the Mail and Guardian to refer Mugabe to the Security Council:

To compel the United Nations Security Council to pass resolutions imposing economic sanctions on Zimbabwe and establishing an International Tribunal for Crimes Against Humanity in Zimbabwe. Perpetrators of these crimes should be apprehended and then prosecuted.

Might as well try it. Go and sign!

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