Friday, December 02, 2005

Mugabe's retirement

President Robert Mugabe’s succession plans are beginning to take shape with the installation of loyalists at the helm of the controversial Senate. The Senate elections were held last week. The swearing in, as president of the new upper chamber, of Edna Madzongwe, a close ally of Joyce Mujuru, is part of Mugabe’s scheme to ensure his preferred candidate assumes the presidency when he vacates the post. Another yes-man from the Matabeleland province, Naison Ndlovu, was appointed Madzongwe’s deputy. The 81-year-old leader has indicated that he wants to retire and write his memoirs when his current term of office expires in 2008.

The farcical Senate elections in Zimbabwe have gone has predicted. Mugabe is spreading favors as far and wide as he can to ensure that he leaves behind enough of his cronies in power who, in order to protect their vested interests, will protect his retirement. Because of his ignorance, arrogance and stupidity, Mugabe has overlooked the fact that, to gain some kind of respectability, those who swoon over him now will offer him to the crowds to be hanged and quartered the moment they feel it is safe to do so.

Mugabe also plans to write his memoirs when he retires and this - unless you have run out of toilet paper - is one additional reason to hope for his violent demise.

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