Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Zimbabwe's nosedive

The ruling Zanu PF conference that ended in Esigodini on Saturday resolved to refuse entertaining any future UN envoys "sent into the country as clandestine and insidious agents of the British and other Western countries, in pursuance of their hidden agenda of regime change in Zimbabwe." The 10 point resolution states that the ruling Zanu PF took great exception to a hostile report compiled by UN envoy for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland during his recent visit to assess the impact of government's brutal Operation Restore Order/Murambatsvina.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Friday called top United Nations envoy Jan Egeland a "damn hypocrite and a liar", at a party conference. "He's a damn hypocrite and a liar," Mugabe said to the applause of around 3 000 members of his ruling Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) party. In a speech broadcast live on state radio Mugabe said Egeland, who was in the country earlier this week to assess the humanitarian situation, said "nasty things" about Zimbabwe after he left the country on Wednesday.

He didn't like it, eh? What did the idiot expect?

The Zimbabwe government plans to introduce new regulations to allow it to temporarily borrow from foreign currency accounts (FCAs) of private organisations and individuals, in yet another desperate bid to lay its hands on whatever little hard cash is available in the country, Zim Online has learnt. Sources within the central Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) said the proposed new regulation that they said could be announced early next year would bring FCAs held by individuals and others such as non-governmental organisations within reach of President Robert Mugabe's hard cash-strapped government. If implemented as planned, the move would widen the sources of hard cash for the internationally-isolated Mugabe government, currently battling fuel, power and basic commodity shortages due to lack of foreign currency.

Stealing openly now.

I Am Surrounded By Crooks - Mugabe

You picked them because they were like you, Bob.

A top Zimbabwean army general warned soldiers against supporting or entertaining sympathy for the main opposition, branding it an enemy of the country, state television said on Monday.

"If there is any among you who are supporters or have any sympathy for the MDC, then the military is not your place."


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