Monday, September 12, 2005

The Beeb Easy

I hope this won’t sound callous; take it as a relief from all the sad news with which we are being bombarded daily. The tragedy of Katrina has also generated some hilarious stuff. Read this fisking of the BBC’s Katrina coverage, I laughed aloud.

Some excerpts:

[a] snapshot of Louisiana and the city formerly known as the Big Easy […] the BBC manufactured in its recent willfully ignorant reportage of how George Bush intentionally withheld aid from black citizens whose plight he had caused by his refusal to sign the Kyoto thingy.

…Gavin Hewitt, togged out in tropical gear and possessed of an outboard skiff which he guided along the flooded streets. The drama was diminished, though, by people walking by in the background in water just up to their knees.

Back to the flooded streets and Hewitt speaking from his boat to a camera that was presumably held by a BBC man walking backward through the shallow water. It was unbelievable, he said angrily, how long it was taking the authorities to come to these poorest neighborhoods to rescue people, although he had to raise his voice as he spoke as there were three or four helicopters hovering overhead winching people up.

Jeremy Paxman, under normal circumstances possessed of a sharp intelligence, suffers, like so many other on-camera BBC employees, from a form of Tourette's syndrome whenever President Bush's name is mentioned. Among his comments on the program, according to blogger Natalie Solent, were "This is going very badly for the Republicans", despite that the Republican administration in Mississippi was doing blazingly well and the collapse of New Orleans civil order was solely caused by Democrat ineptitude.


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