Sunday, September 11, 2005

Blair’s faux pas


Tony Blair delivered the speech that inspired millions of Muslims around the world. We believed finally we had a world leader in the West, who not only had the courage to recognise the ideological battle that Muslims and the rest of the world are facing, but was prepared to take on the bad guys.

No sooner had the Prime Minister declared “Its roots are not superficial, but deep, in the madrasas of Pakistan, in the extreme forms of Wahhabi doctrine in Saudi Arabia, in the former training camps of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan” the slick, well oiled machine that represents the Wahhabi doctrine in the UK went on the offensive. The spearhead of this network, the Muslim Council Britain (MCB), led the political networking that would be needed to ensure that they, and the groups that they represent, would be well placed to increase their foothold.

Mr. Blair, please do not leave the majority of the moderate Muslims that supported your government (even if we did not all agree entirely with your Iraq policy) at the mercy of these people that have proven themselves more than capable of playing the political game.

Why is there a majority of Wahhabis on all of the groups, in fact why have you included the very people that you describe as the problem? When will you finally realise that sects such as Deobandi, Ikhwan, Ah le Hadith, Wahhabi, Salaafi etc. all come from the same source.

My request, my PLEA to you, Mr Blair, is that you do not give the majority of us that are moderates false hope. For the sake of all of the children of the world, stay firm in your resolve to weed out this cancer. AND please do not lose credibility with the majority of us - help us “take back the microphone”

Wake up, Tony.

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Ingrid Jones said...

Goodmorning Marlow, Thank you for your interesting posts. I've reblogged your 9/11 picture. Thought you might find this image interesting:

Ingrid Jones said...

Sorry, I forgot to add this link to a post by the same author re AQ targeting Tony and Cherie Blair.