Monday, September 05, 2005

Germany TV duel

The Guardian: Germany's conservative challenger Angela Merkel last night scored a decisive victory over chancellor Gerhard Schröder in the only live debate of the German election campaign.…
"She was the clear winner," Jochen Thies, a senior political correspondent with Deutschland Radio said last night. "She was simply better than Schröder.

BBC: After the duel, a snap poll indicated most viewers felt Mr Schroeder had won.

Analysts said that […] the debate was unlikely to affect the outcome of the election

CNN: Polls found that the media-savvy Schroeder performed better -- an outcome that had been widely predicted.

Reuters: A snap poll on German television station Sat1 showed that 52 percent of those surveyed believed Schroeder had won the clash against 32 percent who chose Merkel.

IHT: Richard Hilmer, director of the independent polling institute Infratest-dimap, told Bild am Sonntag newspaper that "the TV debate could be decisive" in shaping the next government.

NYT: He was widely expected to win the 90-minute debate, and polls conducted immediately afterward found that a majority of viewers believed that he had outperformed Mrs. Merkel.

"Both candidates convinced their own supporters," he said. "I don't think it changed anything."

Bloomberg: The snap poll of 1,219 viewers by Forschungsgruppe Wahlen for ZDF television during and after the 90-minute live debate in Berlin found that 54 percent said Merkel, 51, had done better than expected. The figure for Schroeder was only 18 percent.

Times: Schröder is bruised by challenger in TV fight for his title.

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