Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mugabe prepares for war

Mugabe must have received a refresher course on socialist rhetoric during his recent trip to Cuba. He is now waving the flag of foreign invasion in the hope of keeping Zimbabweans cowed.

Of course nobody falls for this rubbish anymore and it makes one wonder if Mugabe still has his wits about him or has completely lost it:

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has called for vigilance by the country's armed forces against what he termed a "vicious imperialist onslaught" by Britain and the United States, the state-run Herald newspaper said Monday.

His praise of the Army, certainly uncalled for after the DRC disaster, could hint at preoccupations within Zanu PF that even the pampered Zimbabwean forces are getting tired of corruption and incompetence. Mugabe knows that if the Army becomes sympathetic to the MDC cause, he is finished.

"I want to commend members of our security forces for the tireless, unwavering and dedicated contribution...," Mugabe said.

And finally, another example of Zanu PF professionalism: their new web site.



Fausta said...

Hugo, Mugabe and Fidel all drink from the same well.

marlow said...

and Chavez is getting thirsty....