Friday, September 30, 2005

Gulf news

It has long been suspected that the Gulf States have been paying “protection” to al Qaeda. How else in fact can one explain that the UAE – among the most modern and developed of the Arab states - have hardly been hit by terrorism?

However, they must have come to the conclusion that this situation cannot continue indefinitely and have decided to take action:

A major policy centre in the UAE has called for a collective Arab effort to destroy the Al Qaida terror network, believed to be the key force behind the continuous bloody attacks in Iraq.
Despite the various differences among regional states with regard to the Iraqi issue, "an agreement should be made to defeat Al Qaida", the Emirates Centre of Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) urged in its weekly newsletter, issued yesterday.

"If Al Qaida has directed its terror towards the United States and Iraq then other countries in the region are bound to be its next targets," the ECSSR warned.


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