Wednesday, September 14, 2005

See you in New York

President Robert Mugabe, who begged UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to visit Zimbabwe so he could explain why he knocked down nearly a million people's homes, has withdrawn the invitation.

Which of course was fake from the start. He doesn’t like anyone to look too closely into his affairs or mugabe-made disasters in Zimbabwe:

The UN was also prevented from carrying out crop assessments last year and its World Food Programme was forced to stop feeding Zimbabweans after Mugabe falsely claimed a record maize crop.

The hole left in the economy by the payment of part of Zimbabwe’s arrears to the IMF will never be filled:

Officials hinted at “generosity” from businesses in the raising of the IMF dues, and there are suggestions that companies have liquidated some of their precious foreign-currency holdings in the national interest. Given the shortages, this would seem to be a crazy notion. But word in Harare is that the government offered takers a rate of Z$50 000 to $1 to make the exchange, against the official rate of Z$24 520.

The money has to come from somewhere and Mugabe, always a good one for encouraging foreign investment and confidence in the country, has had another brilliant idea: steal it!

A cabinet minister in Zimbabwe has warned the government may take over white-owned firms in an exercise similar to actions under Harare's five-year old land reform programme

"Most of these companies do not want to give us equity. We might decide to take over these companies just like we did during the land reform exercise,"

Finance Minister Herbert Murerwa told the CZI conference that the amendments to the constitution were not a threat to commerce and industry.


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