Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

If you want to donate to hurricane Katrina relief and are not sure how to go about it, go to Instapundit, he will tell you in detail.

By the way, if anyone had any doubts about the Bush administration handling of the tragedy, now he can relax:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a vocal critic of the U.S. government, on Wednesday called President Bush a "cowboy" who had failed to manage the Hurricane Katrina disaster and evacuate victims.

He must have liked Moore’s fake movie…

"That man, the king of vacations ... the king of vacations in his ranch said nothing but, you have to flee, and didn't say how ... that cowboy, the cowboy mentality," said Chavez, chuckling in a reference to Bush without naming him directly.

You know you are right when Chavez disagrees. Strangely he didn’t mention global warming, but he probably thinks it means “una copa de Cacique”.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, everything is being politicized, even natural disasters and the like. Speaking of which, Fausta (who has a very sharp blog, btw) reminded me that the damage done by political bias has been much greater than we think:

DDT was demagogued out of use.

Today, in South Africa and the two dozen other nations that use it, the pariah pesticide -- still effective and cheaper than anything else on the market -- is seen as the lesser of two evils.

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