Thursday, September 29, 2005

Newsweek doing Al Jazeera’s work

For in its conclusion, Newsweek relied on al Qaida’s statement on Abu Azzam! By translating what the organization posted on the group’s Web site, the article echoed that “Abu Azzam al-Iraqi was a soldier” in the Iraqi Al Qaeda organization. It quoted “them” ridiculing allegations by U.S. officials that Abu Azzam was the “second man” in Iraqi Al Qaeda. Citing the SITE Institute’s translation Newsweek quoted the Terrorists stating that the US “should stop saying that because it will not do any good.” A minimal understanding of the propaganda machine of the Jihadists would have realized that “they” don’t want to give any psychological victory to the infidels. From at least a significant leader in the structure, his companions reduced him to a “simple soldier among others.” Just to deny Iraqis and Coalition any political victory.

Understanding the mind of the Jihadis is crucial in the analysis of the War on Terror. As with the “flushing” affair few months ago, it is advisable to keep the big picture around when one is zooming on a point to be scored.

Either they never learn, or they are “the enemy within”.


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