Monday, October 03, 2005

Iraq 1; Saudi Arabia 0

Iraq's interior minister lashed out angrily at Saudi Arabia, rejecting its accusations that Iran now dominates his country, and accusing the Saudis of discriminating against their own Shiites. Interior Minister Bayan Jabr went as far as saying Iraq will not accept "a Bedouin on a camel teaching us about human rights and democracy. In Iraq, we are proud of our civilization."

He also called the Saudis "tyrants who think they are king and God, and they name their countries after their families."


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Fausta said...

I find that very encouraging news. Of all the heated and agitated discourse re: Islam, the subject of Arab imperialism never or rarely is raised.
Afghans lost their Bamiyan Buddhas, which predated Islam by 7+ centuries
Persians are about to lose the Pasargad sites, which predate Islam by nearly 1,000 years.

At least the Iraqis are now able to speak.