Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mugabe in deeper and deeper mud

And the more he moves the more he goes down. Following my recent post on the appalling conditions of the Army in Zimbabwe, an even more worrying (for Mugabe) report has come out:

The Zimbabwean army and air force have been hit by protests over the government’s failure to increase their salaries as well as chronic food shortages at their barracks. Military sources said this week soldiers were increasingly unsettled by government’s refusal to increase their salaries and provide adequate food supplies to the 40000-strong army. Disgruntled armed forces pose a serious threat to President Robert Mugabe’s regime, which depends on the state security apparatus - the army, the air force and the intelligence service - for its survival.

If the foot soldiers, who, after all, have suffering families and starving relatives, start complaining about life under Mugabe, even the generals will have to change tack.

In fact, life is not getting easier, potatoes or no potatoes. Sokwanele reports that prices of basic commodities have increased on average 35% these past 5 weeks. This article gives an even worse picture:

Prices are shooting up in supermarkets daily. One major Harare supermarket said prices on incoming stock over the last two weeks were up by 200%.


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