Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mugabe’s lies exposed

I am glad that an expert, Craig Richardson, Associate Professor of Economics at Salem College, has published a very convincing and thorough study that, as often pointed out in this and other blogs, destroys once and for all the myth - so actively promoted and repeated ad nauseam by Mugabe - of drought being responsible for the collapse of Zimbabwe’s economy.

As everyone knows, Mugabe illegal land reform that involved forcibly taking over white-owned commercial farms, was the primary driver of Zimbabwe’s sudden collapse, not the lack of rainfall.

The main point of the study is summarized in this sentence:

Property titles, which once served as a key insurance mechanism for guaranteeing bank lending, no longer were recognized by the Mugabe government.

Nevertheless, the UN and its various agencies continue to pretend that Mugabe’s excuses are true:

The reasons for this are obvious: a much better case for aid can be made if a country is seen as being down on its luck, and in an economic tailspin due to factors outside its control.

Read it all (link to the report at bottom of linked page).


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Cuban Pete said...

Zimbabwe: From breadbasket of Africa to African basket case.