Saturday, October 01, 2005

Syria stonewalling Hariri investigation

Syria did not cooperate as required. Syria made it difficult for the investigators to extract any information from the Syrian offices:

1- Syria appointed an attorney for each one of the officials. The attorney must have made it legally very difficult for interrogators to extract information from the officials.

2- Syrian security personnel were also present during the interrogations. Again this must have made it difficult to the UN interrogators to extract information from the officials.

3- Ya Libnan has learnt that the Syrian officials have been rehearsing the interrogations for a long time and had special workshops conducted by expert interrogators to teach them how to handle interrogations.

Mehlis had to be tightlipped until his team returned from Damascus, for fear of upsetting the applecart. Mehlis must now be sure that Syria is involved in Hariri's assassination but wants to be extremely careful in disclosing such information for security concerns. Such disclosure, (even though to most Lebanese it is public information), could result in a major political hurricane that could change the politics of the whole region and could result in a regime change in Damascus.

Almost there…forget Egypt and France…keep up the pressure; I don’t think this will suffice to get Assad off the hook:

The Syrian government is on the verge of launching a diplomatic campaign to try to stave off mounting Western-led international pressure on the country following indications that some of its security officials may have been involved in the murder of former Lebanese premier, Rafik Hairiri.


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