Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mugabe admits he is an idiot

Mugabe’s racism, thirst for power and limited intellectual capacity are well known, but is always pleasant to see them confirmed. Imagine the faces of those who keep hailing him as a liberator and someone who cares about his people:

China has turned down an offer by President Robert Mugabe’s government to take over farms seized from whites apparently because Beijing feared there was no guarantee that such an investment would be secure in the long term, authoritative sources said.

Zimbabwe has since last April attempted to hammer a joint-venture deal with China that would enable resource-rich farmers from the Asian giant to enter into partnerships with the Harare government to farm land seized from whites and help resuscitate the southern African country’s collapsed agricultural sector.

But sources said China has developed cold feet on the planned deal worried by Harare’s ever shifting land laws and policies in particular a controversial constitutional amendment last month that virtually nationalises all agricultural land.

It is easy to conclude from this that:

1) Mugabe’s land reform was, is and will be a failure

2) The land reform was not only an excuse to appeal to the rural masses before the elections, but a costly exercise in revenge against the whites who were exposing Mugabe’s bankrupt policies

3) Even the Chinese get cold feet in light of land nationalization

4) Hopefully (but I doubt it) it will set an example for South Africa and Namibia who are increasingly playing with this disastrous ideology

5) Trying to attract Chinese peasants to farm the land stolen from their rightful owners, is tantamount to admit that the land reform has failed

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