Saturday, October 22, 2005

Italian Mafia and Al Qaeda

Disturbing news:

Italian media recently revealed that hundreds of Al Qaeda operatives coming from North Africa are being sent to Northern Europe though a maze of safe houses belonging to the Neapolitan Camorra, a Naples-based criminal network akin to the Mafia.

The internationally connected Camorra organization specializes in drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling and human and arms trafficking. Historically, the Camorra has worked with terrorist groups from all latitudes and political persuasions.

Practically brothers in arms.

According to a report by DIGOS, Italy's political crime unit, the number of Al Qaeda operatives who have chosen to seek refuge in Naples or have passed through the city on their way to Northern Europe may exceed 1,000. Many of them come from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. Il Roma, Naples's second-largest daily, estimates their numbers could be as high as 5,000. "Nothing new here," affirms Giacomo Serafini, a Neapolitan political consultant. "The usefulness of these escape routes was tested during the years when the Camorra collaborated with domestic terrorists, red and black (Communist and Fascist) alike. Al-Qaeda doesn't even have to sweat. Not even the apparent absentmindedness of the police when it comes to apprehending Al Qaeda operatives should surprise. In the end it was a covert agreement between the state and the terrorists that spared Italy most of the carnage that was taking place in Europe during the 1970s." Serafini refers to a secret pact during the 1970s forged by Giulio Andreotti, one of modern Italy's founding fathers. In exchange for the safe passage of operatives and weapons, Arab terrorist groups -- mainly the Palestinian group Al Fatah -- agreed to refrain from attacking Italy.

I hope the Italians will not rehash the revolting policies of the past.

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Anonymous said...

The Mafia is the head of all terrorism and its home base in the Vatican It's the Russian Mafia, the CHinese Mafia, The Palistian Mafia, the Jewish mafia, the american Mafia and it hids its evil under such words as communism, fasism, anything to keep ones eye off Satan headquarters in the Vatican.