Wednesday, October 12, 2005

UNSCAM update

These are the guys who strongly opposed the liberation of Iraq at the Security Council:

The former French ambassador to the U.N. security council, Jean-Bernard Merimee, has been ordered jailed by the magistrate investigating French involvement in the oil-for-food scandal, judicial sources said Tuesday.
Judge Philippe Courroye suspects the 68-year-old Merimee of having received bribes from the regime of former Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein in the form of oil purchase vouchers or "allocations" of crude oil between 1996 and 2003.

Five people have already been placed under judicial investigation by judge Philippe Courroye in connection with the "oil-for-food" affair.
They are Serge Boidevaix, former secretary-general at the French foreign ministry; businessman Claude Kaspereit; Bernard Guillet, an adviser to former French interior minister Charles Pasqua; Gilles Munier, head of an Iraqi-French friendship society; and Palestinian journalist Hamida Nana.

But that’s not all; belatedly, Kofi’s deputy now admits UN corruption and amateurishness:

KOFI Annan's deputy -- who many believe will become the scapegoat for the UN Secretary-General over the oil-for-food debacle -- has admitted the international body was "not equipped" to manage the controversial program.

Deputy Secretary-General Louise Frechette, in Melbourne yesterday for a global philanthropy conference hosted by Melbourne University, said the problems that allowed bribery and corruption to infect the UN program were much wider than oil-for-food.

Let's shut down the bloody thing and start from scratch.

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