Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Consider the horrors of peace

Don't miss a great Christopher Hitchens on the parallelisms of the Rwanda and Darfur genocides. Conclusion:

The United States ended up supporting the French military intervention in Rwanda, which was mounted in an attempt not to remove the genocidaires but to save them. Nonintervention does not mean that nothing happens. It means that something else happens. Our policy in Darfur has not just failed to rescue a stricken black African population: It has actually assisted the Sudanese Islamists in completing their policy of racist murder. Thank heaven that we are tough enough to bear the shame of this, and strong enough to forgive ourselves.

The shame.


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Purple Avenger said...

The Darfur clusterfu$k isn't really about "racist genocide" per se, its about O.I.L. and who gets to exploit it. If there were a bunch of muslim arabs in the south making the same claims on the oil that the Garang supporters are, they'd be getting slaughtered too.

When there's a $200,000,000,000 O.I.L deal on the line, that's the 5000lb gorilla in the living room.