Monday, November 21, 2005

Kyoto's fraud

Australia has refused to ratify the Kyoto protocol. Colin Brown, organiser of the Catholic Earthcare conference in Canberra this weekend, also said the figures revealed a decade of lost opportunity. "The Federal Government has been missing in action in what is without doubt the largest crisis humans will face in the coming decades. Its failure to ratify the Kyoto protocol is deplorable," he said in a statement.

Really? Not really.

The UN report reveals Australia is far from the worst offender with a number of nations which have ratified the Kyoto protocol recording greater increases in greenhouse emissions. Spain topped the list with a 41.7 per cent increase, followed by Monaco (37.8), Portugal (36.7) and Greece (25.9). The United States, which also has not ratified Kyoto, reported increased emissions of 13.3 per cent, while New Zealand, a Kyoto signatory, performed only slightly better than Australia with a 22.5 per cent increase. (Via Le Guerre Civili)

The increasing politicization of science is one of the scourges of the century. It has become almost impossible to form an opinion on the status of the environment, climate change, avian flu, without some idiot coming up with altered or invented data to promote his own political agenda.

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Purple Avenger said...

Global warming is indeed real. The claimed moonbat reasons for it are not ;->

Anonymous said...

From what I've been reading, global warming correlates with temporary increases in solar radiation, which also explains higher temperatures on Mars.

This is a really nice blog, by the way.