Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Who are the real terrorists in Italy?

A decision by a Milan appeals court to uphold the acquittal of three North Africans on terrorism charges has drawn sharp criticism from Italy's best known anti-terrorism magistrate, Stefano Dambruoso who has led efforts to expose Milan as the main clearing house for Islamist militants operating in Europe. The men were accused of sending militants to Iraq and planning attacks in Europe, but in a highly controversial ruling in January, a judge said they were guerrillas not terrorists. In her ruling in January, judge Clementina Forleo said efforts by Daki and his co-defendants to help Iraqi insurgents amounted to guerrilla activity, which was not illegal in Italy. The appeals court did not immediately explain the reasoning behind its verdict.

Because there is no reasoning but only political bias.

"The sentence of acquittal in Milan emphasises yet again the strong contradiction between the scrupulous and serious work carried out by those in law enforcement, which has resulted in the arrest of 200 terrorism suspects... and the rulings of a way too tolerant judiciary which has acquitted them." Fabrizio Cicchito a senior member of Berlusconi's Forza Italia party said commenting Monday's sentence.

"We hope that this contradiction will not help provoke a tragedy," he added.

Given the state of our judiciary system (most Italian judges belong to the extreme left), the law enforcement people should be praised. If I were one of them I would have given up long ago as most arrests end up with political acquittals. Chaos, of course, is the purpose of these judges, as it would pave the way for more state control and a totalitarian regime.

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