Thursday, November 17, 2005


A few weeks ago I wrote a post on Leo Mugabe, nephew of the obnoxious president of Zimbabwe, who had been arrested for smuggling (illegal export) of foodstuff to Mozambique. Whatever happened to the poor guy?

A nephew of President Robert Mugabe, who allegedly violated grain laws and the Customs and Excise Act by illegally exporting scarce wheat to Mozambique, walked out of court a free man yesterday after the state declined to prosecute.

Smuggling food during a famine should carry a life sentence.

Withdrawing charges against Leo Mugabe and his wife and co-accused, Veronica, state prosecutors said they did not have evidence to mount a case against the couple, adding that the President's nephew and his wife might be summoned back to court if new evidence cropped up.

It won't.

More on Zimbabwe government corruption at Zimpundit.


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