Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tony, listen up!

"The British government has been heeding [the advice of] prominent British Muslim figures whom it chose as advisors on issues pertaining to the Muslim community [in Britain]. This would be a positive step if it did not reflect a one-sided tendency. These advisors gave two justifications for the bombings carried out by British Muslims in London: British foreign policy and unemployment.

"The justifications by the advisors to the [Interior] Ministry have given the terrorists [precisely] what they do not deserve – a moral justification for their ugly crimes. What amazes me is that these advisors were against the government plan to go after the strongholds of extremism – the libraries, websites, and inciters – claiming that this is a restriction of liberties...

"Why are liberties granted to fascists who threaten those who disagree with them with hell and death? Pursuing the extremists would serve, first and foremost, the Muslim community, and would protect its members more than anybody else..."

A million dollars if you guess who said it! Ok, I'll tell you: Al-Arabiyya TV Director-General Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashed.

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