Friday, November 11, 2005

Mugabe Land for Friends program

The Zimbabwe government has evicted the 18 last remaining white farmers in the prime farming district of Karoi but President Robert Mugabe's friend, Billy Rautenbach, has been allowed to keep his farm in the area that lies 203km north-west of Harare. The controversial Rautenbach, who is wanted in South Africa to answer to some criminal charges, is said to be a personal friend of Mugabe. The farmers had survived the government's chaotic and violent farm seizure programme over the past five years but were in the last week ordered to leave their farms for new black owners, most of them senior officials of Mugabe's government and ruling ZANU PF party who already own several farms seized from whites. An estimated quarter of the 12 million Zimbabweans face starvation unless more than one million tonnes of food aid are urgently provided between now and the next harvest expected around March/April 2006.

Someone commented on a previous post saying that Mugabe is doing a lot of good by taking land from rich whites to give it to poor blacks...

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