Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ivory Coast massacre

Another sad anniversary today: a year ago French troops massacred Ivorian civilians in Abidjan and Yamassoukro, after having destroyed the country's Air Force (four planes and three helicopters) in retaliation for a friendly fire incident.

Of course, since France was only killing people and supporting Ivory Coast's northern Muslim rebels against the legitimate government , Kofi "wasntme" Annan rushed to help:

"Last week, the U.N. Security Council adopted a French-sponsored Resolution 1572, which condemned the Ivorian air strikes and fully supported the retaliatory actions of French forces."

If you missed it at the time, it's not your fault. (WARNING: extremely graphic photos here)

Unfortunately for Chirac, his umpteenth friendly gesture to Muslims didn't spare him from having France go up in flames. Go to Fausta for an excellent round-up of the also "vanished" (from the MSM) French riots.

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Paolo di Lautréamont said...

The strange case of Ivory Coast: nobody knows, nobody crying or other...
But all the West Africa is a colonial french empire...
P.S: I link your blog