Saturday, November 19, 2005

North Korea like "The Sopranos"

Excellent article to read over the week-end by David L. Asher, Adjunct Scholar, Institute for Defense Analyses, Coordinator, North Korea Working Group and Senior Adviser for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of State: "The North Korean Criminal State, its Ties to Organized Crime, and the Possibility of WMD Proliferation".


North Korea is the only government in the world today that can be identified as being actively involved in directing crime as a central part of its national economic strategy and foreign policy. As a result, Pyongyang is radically - and perhaps even hopelessly - out of synch with international law and international norms. In essence, North Korea has become a "soprano state" - a government guided by a Worker's Party leadership whose actions, attitudes, and affiliations increasingly resemble those of an organized crime family more than a normal nation.


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