Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Riots spreading to Belgium, Germany, Denmark

After 12 consecutive nights of rioting, the French leadership is still awol, unless you want to call leadership Villepin muttering some appeasing offers and Chirac calling for calm.

Copy-cats are appearing in other European countries. What is really scary is that on how this problem is dealt with in France depends the future of Europe; if they surrender (and they will), Europe is doomed.

Erdogan, forgetting as usual the golden rule of counting to ten before speaking, links the riots to the headscarf ban (do we really want this idiot in Europe?).

Read what Victor Davis Hanson, Michael Barone, Mark Steyn, Daniel Pipes have to say about it.

Here is a map of the spread of the riots in France (ht: Instapundit), here are the photos and hourly updates of events are here (ht: Roger Simon).

One element that seems to have been overlooked and that might have added oil to the fire, is the exploiting of chaos by common criminals. It is often the drug dealers or other criminal gangs who provoke unrest and public violence (or exploit it) in order to act undisturbed for a while to conduct a big deal or operation (remember the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992); in the case of the French riots, terrorists might have taken the place of criminals or joined them, to gather their tools and forces and prepare their attacks far from the eyes of the authorities.

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