Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Madam Chirac: it runs in the family

Remember Chirac? No? Hint: France, economic disaster, civil war, in hiding…never mind. It seems that he has even more problems now:

A French lawyer has accused President Jacques Chirac of impeding criminal investigations into the alleged illegal use of private jets by his wife, Bernadette. Maitre Jean-Paul Baduel formally proposed a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the activities of the Euralair charter and air taxi company, which collapsed two years ago with more than £30 million of debts. Documents seized by investigators suggest that Mme Chirac took six private flights with the company in 1998-99 but was never asked to pay the bills, which totalled £41,000. Euralair's founder and president, Alexandre Couvelaire, is a friend of the Chirac family.

But she did it in the national interest:

She took the private flights from Paris to Correze, mostly on council business, including an appearance at the making of the "biggest mushroom omelette in the world" in Brive in July 1998.

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